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Centuries of evolution, flashes of emancipation coming from art — from Michelangelo to Academism —, or from movements like those of the 60s, then a new inexorable decline towards a new medieval vision that reaches up to the present day: a time where sex is all around us, but somehow it’s still uncomfortable and a little weird to talk about genitals.

There is a rooted sense of shame in genitals that is directly linked to censorship. It’s an arbitrary kind of censorship that urges sex and shames our bodies at the same time. It’s no wonder we have a tough time talking about nudity.

Censored Barbie & Ken

In 2018, a pair of siblings in Neu York City asked themselves a revolutionary question: “Can we disrupt the way we see and talk about genitals?”

The siblings wondered how they could portray genitals in a completely different light. One that would incite conversation and distance shame from the equation. In one of these conversations, the idea of the lack of genitals in toys came up. They decided to reinvent these “missing parts” and turn genitals into protagonists. The result is Neudies, the rejected genitals named Nagavi and Nipes.

The siblings behind the project are Enrique and Ines, a brother and sister duo developing the Neudies by combinig their love for art, design, and storytelling with the goal of bringing people together and encouraging authentic conversations.

A Rainy Day in Neu York City
Snowstorm in NYC
Retro Day
Baskin’ in the Sun
Geni Gang
Party of One, Always Fun
Summertime in Neu York City
Merry Christmas and a Happy Neu Year
Enrique & Ines

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