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Headlights Off

Those were the days when we had nowhere to go and were enough for each other. Days without plans and anyone in the way, exchanging gross sauces in a cockpit under the city lights. Enchanting instants when we kept our hands behind a wheel, taking turns on our skins with the headlights off. Just travelling without moving.

These are the days by Elisabetta Lo Greco, aka Sabeth, from Catania, Italy, a daydreamer and multifaceted digital artist specializing in illustration and graphics.

The Kiss
Love and Relax
I’ll Wait for the Traffic Lights
Sucking Together
Bad Things with You
On your skin I would take turns with the headlights off
I’m Fine, and You?
Netflix and Chill
Through Your Eyes
Christmas Lights
Waiting for You on My Skin

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