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Humor Petiso

Shipwrecked and thieves, submissive employees and dreamy men, prisoners, beggars and bossy wives. With just innocence, with tenderness and ignoring the canon of political correctness, Diego Parés recovers emblematic characters of Argentine manners. Where it seemed that no more joke could be made, discover a quarry of enduring feelings and absurd moments that made you laugh yesterday and that continue to do so today. With the addition of a pleasant surprise: we laugh with what we had forgotten. And it’s funny.

Diego began publishing at the age of 14 in CantaRock magazine. He received his master’s degree in plastic arts from the Rogelio Yrurtia School of Fine Arts in 1987. Between 1987 and 2006 he published in the magazines Humor, Sex-Humor, Humi, Billiken, Gente, and others. In 2002, he published the book Latin American Literature for Beginners with the writer Florencia Abatte. Diego is globally known for Humor Petiso — Short Humor — which he publishes daily in La Nación.

Bicycle Factory [Take Care of the Environment, Ride a Bike]
Movies [Comedy and Drama]
Laundry Day
Young Michelangelo
Behind the Painting
News [How annoying when they read over your shoulder, right?]
Statue of Illusionist Houdini
Tunnel of Love [Entrance and Exit]
En Plein Air
Patched Love
Free Hugs
We are Free

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