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NeverEnding Journey

Always true to the Andy Warhol’s words that you don’t have to think about making art but just get it done, Alena Shymchonak tries to capture the energy and colors of life, travels and illusion to make a connection with the viewer, on an emotional level. That’s the only way she can create a successful painting. “Painting is a never-ending journey where there is always a challenge, a learning experience and inspiration to images.”

Born in Estonia, Alena loves to use palette knife and oil paints to create her fascinating illusions, especially the summer ones. Do you like summer? is the title of one of her canvas, as if to warn about the general vibe we’re going into. So, if you like it, this is the right place. Alena’s works found collectors in UK, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Turkey and many European countries. She’s always available for Individual oil painting commissions.

Private Lagoon
Night Yachting
Winter Weekend in Mountains
Graceful Water Lilies
Summer Day
Amazing Alps
Dark Blue

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