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Outstanding in the Field

Since 1999 artist and chef Jim Denevan has been wowing people with his outdoor pop-up restaurant on beaches and in fields around the world. Founded as a radical alternative to the conventional dining experience, his Outstanding in the Field aims to connect diners to the origins of their food while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed it: chefs, farmers, fisherpeople, cheesemakers, vintners, brewers and many more. Rather than source ingredients for a restaurant, they bring their restaurant to the source.

Beginning with a humble dinner on his brother’s farm, Jim’s culinary caravan has now reached all fifty U.S. states and sixteen countries around the globe – with tables set in vineyards, beaches, meadows, fishing docks, and city streets in addition to a long list of organic and sustainable farms.

“Our roving restaurant without walls is rebuilt every morning and disappears every night. It is a momentary experience and a joyful celebration of human connection. Together we gather at one long table to share the most fundamental and universal human conversation: a meal.”

Doublecheck Ranch (San Pedro River, Gila County, AZ)
Wattles Farm (Los Angeles, CA)
On the Road (Marin County, CA)
Stinson Beach (Marin County, CA)
Ploughgate Creamery (Vermont) – Photo: Photo: Emmy Hagen
Downtown (Los Angeles, CA)
Secret Sea Cove (Santa Cruz, CA)
Temecula Olive Oil Company (Aguanga, CA)
Bohan Ranch (Durham, CA)
Kupa’a Farms (Maui, Hawaii)
Hearst Ranch, San Simeon, CA (Central California Coast)
Outstanding Bus

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