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Edge of Imagination

“Everything you can imagine is real,” Pablo Picasso said, and despite the loss of imagination of our time, today that seems to be more true than ever. And that’s because of technology and its “infernal” tools like Photoshop. Today, for more and more people, reality seems to be a figment of the imagination of someone else. Someone who is dreaming something from the edge, a little hoping and a little fearing it to happen.

In addition to providing enchanting insights for the imagination, digital artist Justin Peters, from Germany, also offers interesting ones for the critical sense, as in the case of Rescue Earth, in which our planet appears suspended between salvation and final drowning, or Crucifixus, in which the representation of a vaccine leaves more ways of interpretation: the Messiah who will save the world from a pandemic, a new religious cult that creates dangerous factions and divisions, or more simply an indispensable sacrificial fetish for a species that has nothing more to say and to give, outside the media sphere.

Another Way
Imagineruption (Original Image)
Colosseum Candle
Pisa Tower Candle
Palm-Treelephant (Inspired by Stephen McMennamy)
Space Carousel
Space Carousel (Original Image)
Earth Mask
Earth Vaccination
Edge of the Earth

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