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The Girl Who Fell On Earth

More than a decade ago, Matylda Damięcka seriously thought about her musical career — it was supposed to be a Polish response to the then Kelly Osbourne. The release of the album did not take place, but, in 2014, she recorded a promotional video for David Bowie, Let’s Dance, finally stepping into the shoes of the beloved alien who “fell to earth”.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Matylda is an actress coming from an acting family with pre-war traditions. But on her Instagram she’s just The Girl Who Fell On Earth, a cartoonist believing in distance as our only savior.

Solution vol.2 (feat. John Lennon)
Revival (Warsaw, 14.02.1945)
Poland with Metastases
Relativism of Love
Coma Princess
Earth Day
Motherhood with Filter
Badass Mother (Tribute to Helen McCrory)
Tribute to Krzysztof Krawczyk
Here’s My Eyes (feat. Girl with a Pearl Earring)
Hair Mask
One Year Later

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