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Low Cost Cosplay

Anucha “Cha” Saengchart aka Lonely Man aka Low Cost Cosplay is living proof that you don’t always need all the fancy materials to become everyone and everything you want through Cosplay. You just need a little bit of a creative mind… And a substantial belly.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Anucha started back in 2013 by making a low-budget Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, and ever since then has been creating 3-step cosplay tutorials on his social media pages. Today he is an internet celebrity with his millions followers around the world, between Instagram and Facebook.

Lonelyman and his Auntie Somsri
Lonelyman and his Masterring
Lonelyman and his Olympic
Boobs (2)
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Merry Christmas
Lonelyman and his Spring Onion
Lonelyman and his Provamed Acniclear Series

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