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Sustainable Fashion

As often happens to anyone who believes in what they do — artists, dreamers and creative minds — beyond an economic-social response, a hobby can easily evolve into a career. That’s what happened to New York-based designer Nicole McLaughlin and her career, focused on the ever-evolving exploration around upcycling and sustainable fashion.

Taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to her creative process, Nicole has transformed old volleyballs into slippers, camera bags into bralettes, and crafted board shorts from packets of Haribo gummies. This unexpected translation of materials allows her to uniquely highlight the message of sustainability — a key element to her success in changing the perception around waste and sustainable design.

Nicole is currently developing a non-profit organization that helps provide much-needed design resources to young people, connecting large companies — especially those with deadstock and overstock materials — to school and universities in need. A way to change the future.

Volleyball Slipper
Star Colored Sand Bra
Seal Bag G-String
Brassant (2)
Wilson Tennis Balls Slipper
Ice Tray
Bread Glove
Dove Baby Wipes Bra
Dove Soap Ice-Cream
Birthday Brunch
Toolbelt (Carhartt Slipper)
Screw It (Carhartt Swimsuit)
Tropical Vacations 2020

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