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Maybe it may sounds today a bit old-fashioned, and our increasingly clean hands can vouch for that, but man has always loved his tool collection. So, one day, Industrial Engineer Paul Julius Martus decided to pay a tribute to this declining attitude through his Handwrench concept, probably to make everything a little more fun and preserve the attitude.

The adjustable jaw of the wrench takes the form of the thumb, while the fixed jaw takes the one of the index finger. When used, the wrench will make that gesture we do when we’re describing something not so big. Well, the first thing that came to mind is one of those women stuck on the wall of a Hilton public toilet in Las Vegas, marveling or making fun of the size of those standing in front of the urinals. But probably this just happens when you are dealing with creative minds for too long. At the moment, Martus seems to haven’t provided any updates about the concept, now, one day it might.

Las Vegas Hilton men’s room mural

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