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Earth, Century XXI

Cartoonist, illustrator, visual artist, Victor Solís is mainly interested in the subject of Mankind and its relationship with other living beings and the Earth, as well as the city and the people. In his work, he seeks to reflect the contradictions and absurdities that usually occur between words and acts.

Since 1982, his work has been published in dozens of magazines, newspapers, books and specific commissions for museums and environmental projects, mainly in Mexico. Among his publications, Ver de Monero, 2008, Centígrados y Paralelos, 2011, Sin Decir Ni Pío, 2018. He currently publishes in a Mexican newspaper Excélsior, Nexos magazine and Hotbook News.

Criminal Sovereignty (for Nexos)
Earth, Century XXI
After Shave
Monday Scene
Contrasts of the Same Thing
Modern Childhood
Father’s Day
The Myth / The Reality

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