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Tak: Unfortunate Misadventures

Mute, absurd and daily ufortunate misadventures. Just what the hectic life of our time now reserves for us without any mercy: persevering does not help, but quite the contrary. Even if you’re a superhero.

The one drawn by Tak Ataca, from Argentina, is a world made of “wordless vignettes for people who do not want to read”. You don’t have to keep your little grey cells too busy. You just have to choose if laughing or crying tears of despair or angry. Laughing or crying of your irreversible condition of modern human. Tak’s Facebook page is a place where nerds and common people can relate to, so don’t worry about feeling exactly like everyone else. We’re all in this together.

USB Attempts
Whistling Songs
Rain + Wind
Weather Forecast
Only Shoes
Winter Seat
Cheap Pencils
Suicide Plants
MaSinger Z (feat. Mazinger Z)
Souperman (feat. Superman)
Bathman (feat. Batman)
Weirda Woman (feat. Wonder Woman)
Torah (feat. Thor)
Aftérix (feat. Astérix)

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