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On Adventure with Dad

In recent times, it happens more and more often to take my children to the most isolated places possible, so as not to have the constant anxiety of having to save them from imminent dangers, fatal falls or irretrievable consequences. In isolated places there are no people, and where there are no people, recently, there are no imminent dangers, no fatal falls. It goes without saying that the above anxiety is not my thing, but a feeling of unease due to the panic situations faced by people for some time now.

So when I discovered Kenny Deuss’ work, I immediately recognized my way of ironizing every time I find myself in those panic situations. I do it in words, shouting phrases like “oh my God, the apocalypse!”, he does it with images. His target is his wife, but she probably represents just a scapegoat in a world where a child and his inborn freedom are more and more scapegoats for anxieties, inadequacies and an irrepressible need to feel a little useful — and a little better than you, that “can’t even look after your kids”.

Enjoying the view
Teamwork is dreamwork
Two days at the Belgian coastline
Reading = learning

Kenny Deuss, from Antwerp, Belgium, started sending his girlfriend some photos whenever she asked if the baby was ok. This usually happened when she had to go back to work after maternity leave. “Every Tuesday, I have a day off from work to spend time with the kids.” He told My Modern Met. “But every week my girlfriend asks for a photo to see if the kids are ok. This is when I decided to do something fun with it.”

The result is a series called On Adventure with Dad, where Kenny’s kids, Alix and Aster, are constantly in precarious situations, thanks to Photoshop and daily life activities — “Just by driving around or looking at movies or magazines, I can get plenty of inspiration. So there are a lot more to come.”

Daydreaming a bit too much
My first skate session
The view here is amazing
I really like balloons
Happy birthday, Alix
Dad CAN do 2 things at the same time
Cleaning the house
Some work in the garden
Laundry day
Uncle Donald came to visit (feat. Donald Trump)
Helping mom and dad in the kitchen
A hot cup of coffee
Dad couldn’t take it anymore (Christmas version)

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