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The Society

Welcome to the society of power and egotism, of money and social media. A place where hipocrisy is a sign of skill and credibility. The society of automatism and taboos, of politics that contends for the salvation of the planet, while the planet is on fire. The land of medals that bend the backs to kiss the shoes of those who gave them, the land of Neptune, the god of masks and other waste. The society of sociality as hate and suspicious, fear and competition, of isolation as illness and renunciation. The society of those who worry about the plagues of the planet, just by turning away.

This is the society drawn by Oğuz Gürel, a society that, despite everything, seems to remind us that a flower can born every time, even from the densest slime all around. Born in 1968 in Izmit, Turkey, he graduated from the Marmara University, Textile and Art Faculty in Istanbul. His artworks were published for the first time, in 1989, in Kocaeli, a local newspaper.

Modern Lovers – feat. The Lovers (1923) by René Magritte
Space Dreams
Attacking the Environment
Mask God
Greek God
Masked Life
Masquerade Party
Taliban Math
Alan Kurdi: Human Tragedy
Clean Money
Family Life
Transferring Information
Brain Probe
Sweeping Covid Under the Mask
Human Virus
Hygiene is Important
The Thinker – feat. The Thinker (Le Penseur, 1880-1904) by Auguste Rodin
Love and Money
Love Shapes

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