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Fantastic Creatures

Camille Renversade always dreamed of being part of those expeditions formed by scientists, researchers, photographers and draftsmen who, until the end of the nineteenth century, set out to discover new distant lands in search of unknown animals or plants. But how to discover wonderful treasures today, and where and what to direct your research? He then turns to the only beings that still remain to be discovered, fantastic animals, such as Yetis, sea monsters and other dragons.

Born on 17 August 1983, in Saint-Priest, Rhône, as an artist, illustrator and sculptor from the École Émile-Cohl in Lyon, specialized in cryptozoology, Camille gradually became a showman of strange animals, hybridermist sculptor, creator of cabinets of curiosities, or even professor of chimeraology — the study of supernatural creatures and objects.

Métamorphose du Loup-Garou
Le chapelier, le lièvre de mars et le Loir – inauguration exposition Alice & Peter – (par Anaïs Renversade)
Le chapelier, le lièvre de mars et le Loir – inauguration exposition Alice & Peter – (par Anaïs Renversade)

Camille produced various books on the subject, including Fantastic Creature Deyrolle, with Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu, Dragons et chimères: Carnets d’habitation, with Pierre Dubois, or The Fantastic Herbarium, with Lionel Hignard.

In his workshop-laboratory, Camille recently brought the dodo — missing bird — back to life. Two specimens have been adopted by the Rouen museum and the Lyon Confluences museum.

Anatomie de Mélusine
Anatomie de Mélusine
Squelette de Dragon
Le Kraken
La Sirène
Mammifères (Unicornes)
Métamorphose Particelle de l’Homme-Mouche
Métamorphose Particelle de l’Homme-Mouche
Créatures Fantastiques Deyrolle 2eme édition
Anatomie de Mélusine
Camille Renversade & Dominic Marquet
Exposition Animaux Fantastiques au Museum de Perpignan

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