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Dreamer Rooms

Dreamer Room

Dreams and nostalgia often go hand in hand. So, living in places like province rooms can keep both of them safe from the brutal realism of the urban beat. One of the first things Brunella Fratini learned is knowing how to wait, knowing how to listen to the ticking of the emotions that flow before her eyes and, sometimes, being able to predict them. No magic, just the ability to be there, to be focused on what you do.

She’s a dreamer who doesn’t ask herself too many questions about dreams. She just reveals herself slowly and on tiptoe, as a sweetly austere female figure on an origami boat, placed in perfect balance between the projection of a magic and the syntactic development of the same. Born in Vasto, Italy, Brunella is a “wedding storyteller” who uses photography “as a language, not as a product”.

The Future Will Kill You
The Train – Punta Aderci, Vasto, Abruzzo, Italy
With Your Feet Planted on the Cloud (Self-Portrait of the Dreamer)
L’Alveare / The Hive
Je m’appelle Carìne / My Name is Carìne
Lego Beach – Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo, Italy
New Year New Stories of Province – Vasto, Italy
Lu Sand’ Nind’
Metafisica (Analogue Photography)
Provincial Life (On the Ordinary Looks) – Saturday, Vasto, Abruzzo
Naked Eyes – Rocca Calascio, Abruzzo, Italy
Metafisica (Analogue Photography) – Napoli, Italy
The Human Condition (Rêverie Project) – Berlin, Germany
Fireflies (Rêverie Project)

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