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Hanne: Just Like That

Art speaks for itself. Often than not, you just have to look at some works, and they will tell you many things about the creators, more than they could ever do with words. And this, according to her, also applies to Hanne Zaruma. Hanne is also an artist who overturns some stereotypes, such as the one that, when it comes to tech, you necessarily have to use professional softwares to be really progressive and innovative.

“I create all my artworks literally in one single programme on my phone.” She told DressX. “It may seem surprising, but I absolutely cannot use professional softwares like 3D Max or Photoshop.” It was thanks to the help of a guy that, following the success of her “phone portrait”, she managed to create the AR filter that made it possible for everyone to recreate their faces with several different old phones.

Born in 1999, Hanne — Hanna — Zaruma is an artist and a law student from Ukraine. She offers a vital materialist approach that emphasises how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By utilising tossed-out retro technology, she fashions them a new life beyond the trash heap in her efforts to contribute to a transhumanist future.

Hanne does her art the way she does it just because she genuinely likes living like that. “I rarely get a thought to go and buy something new. Why would I buy anything for my projects if I can just go to the flea market and shoot there? Why would I buy anything at all? Or why would I throw anything away?”

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