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Cities are becoming increasingly inhospitable spaces for human beings. It can happen that you walk for hours without ever finding a place to sit and rest your limbs and back. But artist and researcher Sarah Ross finally found a nice solution. Taking a slightly different approach to wearable architectures, her Archisuit consists of an edition of four leisure jogging suits made for specific architectural structures in Los Angeles. The suits include the negative space of the structures and allow a wearer to fit into, or onto, structures designed to deny them.

The use of negative space has also been explored by artists, albeit in a less mobile form. British artist Rachel Whiteread’s distinctly un-wearable pieces include: One Hundred Spaces, a series of resin casts of the space underneath chairs, and Ether, a plastercast a bath’s underside and, perhaps, most famously, House — 1993 —, a life-size concrete cast of the inside of an entire east London Victorian terraced house. Sadly this was demolished by Tower Hamlets Council in 1994 to both howls of protest and joy from the other side, glad to be rid of an eyesore.

Archisuits – Sarah Ross
Archisuits – Sarah Ross
Archisuits – Sarah Ross

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