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Nme: Mondays Aren’t So Bad

Mondays Aren’t So Bad (Teignmouth, UK) – Photo: George Julian

Brought up in an urban area and exposed to street art early in his life, Nme first picked a paint can when he was a 16-year-old teenager, then living in Plymouth. His first experience with street art consisted in tagging a flyover with a group of friends. Nme is currently living in Dawlish, UK, where most of his street pieces can be found. He has always been a creative person who liked drawing, but never took art seriously until very recently. He has been living from his art since approximately 2010.

Nme is easily recognizable by his cheeky signature. Indeed some of his works feature sarcastic reflections on the world we are living in. But he is also a specialist in spreading love and motivational vibes.

Shoot for the Moon (Teignmouth, UK)
The World’s Not That Bad. It’s Your Government That Sucks (Dawlish, UK)
I See No Future
Hide & Seek
Stop Destroying the Earth. It’s Where I Keep All My Stuff
Home Sweet Home
In the Studio with the Boy
A Skull in the Studio
Into the Night

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