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Day of the Dead Drones in Mexico City

It is enjoying great success on social networks under the caption “Day of The Dead Drones in Mexico City”. It is an image which supposedly shows a choreographed group of drones forming the shape of a skull in a sombrero, in the night sky over Mexico City, on the occasion of Día de los Muertos — Day of the Dead . A nice digital work, although thousands and thousands people, even now, are not sharing it as such. Actually, it has been circulating online for at least one year.

The biggest indication is that the mountain in the background is Mt. Fuji in Japan. This “digital day” was created by altering a 2014 photo by Flickr user Koshi Chiba, taken from a neighboring range called Amaryama. As often happens, many people are continuing to share it as a true image, and we are not going to extinguish their wonder but, if anything, to find the name of the joker who created it…

Mt. Fuji from Amariyama Twilight – Photo: Koshi Chiba


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