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Know for her work exploring feminist themes and visual ideas in and of the body, Suzanna Scott is from Pennsylvania, US. Entering her third decade as an artist, she employs a range of materials, including stone, wax, fiber, paper, resin and the occasional found object.

Among her works, widely exhibited in the United States, Coin Cunts — a series of inverted change purses, stitched to resemble vulvae, portrays endless cultural associations between women, money and power —, Trumped Nuts — wearable objects calling out the exhaustive buffoonery of American politics today and the negative influence it is breeding around the world —, and Bound Scissors — where a mummified scissor, becoming a fetish, has been made impotent and exists only as a scarred symbol of life.

Bound Scissors, 2015
Coin Cunts
Coin Cunts installation (round 2)
Reticulum, 2015
Doublet, 2015
Handout no 2, 2019
Cicatrix, 2018
Trumped Nuts (Stephanie Sherwood / Los Angeles, CA)
Trumped Nuts (Agafia Polynchuk / Eggersdorf, Germany)
Trumped Nuts (Heidi Hankaniemi / New York, NY)
Trumped Nuts (Kate Frazer Rego / New Bedford, MA)
Face Off, 2016
Salvo, 2020
Osmosis, 2015
Futurity, 2015

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