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I am Hamamat

Ghanaian model and a former Miss Malaika Queen — a beauty pageant, reality show which first aired in Ghana in 2003 — Hamamat Montia is also, and above all, a mother of two daughters, Safari and Zuri, in a society that “makes you think boys are much more valuable than girls.”

“After I had Zuri, my grandmother Kaaka said to me ‘You have done very well, giving birth to a girl as your first means prosperity, it means things will be easier for you than others in your journey of life.’ I said, well, Kaaka, I wanted a boy, then she hit my mouth —ouch! — and said never say that. In our tradition giving birth to boys first, means things will be tough, it means your journey in life will not be easy. Girls are amazing, they will love you deeply and truly and will also steal their father’s heart and give it all to you.”

Hamamat, who is widely known for her “sleek black skin”, started as a model, and was elected Miss Malaika in 2006, and model of Africa Universe in 2007. She strongly believes the best way to keep your skin smooth is by using Hamamat African Beauty Skin Care Shea Butter — that she sells herself.

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