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The Mystery of the Two Jars

When writer Rich Harris published the picture of her mother’s two jars with the “reversed” names, he stated that he had no idea why she did it. So, someone tried to suggest reasons.

While a certain Bill Harvey wrote “Hate to say it but when my wife did that it was the first sign of dementia. Watch out”, Charlotte O’Leary tried to propose a more logical and practical hypothesis: “I suspect she put the coffee in the tea jar, unaware she had a coffee jar. So she renamed ‘tea’ ‘coffee’. Then she discovered she had a coffee jar all along, so put the tea in that, and had to rename it ‘coffee’ as original coffee was now tea. This is also a GCSE maths question.”

Just the next day, maybe a little surprised — maybe even a little worried — by the high participation in his tweet, Rich posted three pictures of the “artist” holding her jars. “Gotta love my mum; she’s awesome!!”, he wrote. Mistery solved? The tweet received over 200000 likes and over 50000 retweets.




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