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Digital art can be really disturbing and fascinating at the same time, but to do it you still have to know somehow the keys of passion and sensuality, to desire and be curious. Unfortunately, the creatures you create remain beautiful lifeless bodies — yet it seems that our world is increasingly inclined towards their charm.

Riyahd Cassiem, from Johannesburg, South Africa, works as a Independent freelance digital artist. He has worked on various projects from producing concept art, 3d sculpting, Vfx and Matt painting for films and games. To working on commercial illustration and motion graphics for advertising. He lectures part time in concept design and has produced tutorials for various publications like 3d world, 3d Artist, Cubebrush Imagine Fx and Advanced Photoshop. He specializes in creating concept design and illustrations using digital painting in Photoshop and 3d sculpting in ZBrush.

Android Reflection
Love Death and Robots Xbot 4000 Concepts
Desert Scout
Egyptian Queen
Egyptian Queen (II)
Android Prototype
Desert Moon Mother
Stalker Concept
Exo Suit Concept

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