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Body Shaming

Grew up with Superman and Batman logos on one side, and the days of the week and flowers on the other, the last generations actually became increasingly afraid of their own anatomy — and today, with the addition of masks and disinfectants, unfortunately not just those ones. It is an era that, after the attempts at reaction of the 60s and 70s, finally had to surrender to sexual and gender taboos, often in a completely ridiculous and contradictory way. So, in 2014, at the age of 18, Eleanor Beth Haswell decided to cover body shaming in two of her art projects, among which Body Shaming.

“Throughout history we, as women, have fought to break loose from the preconceived image of how we should act in society in order to be our own person, with notions and beliefs that we’ve formulated ourselves.”

Prick, 2014 (Body Shaming project)
Prick Development (Sketchbook examples)
Why Are You So Afraid of Your Own Anatomy?, 2014 (Body Shaming project)
Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy? Development (Sketchbook examples — photography, first edits and editing process)

As she was focusing on an art project based on body shaming at the time, Eleanor began to notice a lot more shaming online, especially in the UK. “It’s the nipple that’s deemed to be the issue,” she told Marie Claire, “the fact that both men and women have them yet a woman’s must be censored. I just don’t understand how people claim that we don’t need feminism, but are offended by something as innocent as the nipple, and are happy to create a divide to suggest that a woman who does what she wants with her body is unacceptable.”

“Feminism to me is equality between all genders. Anyone can be a feminist, not just women like some people are lead to believe. For me, it is the overall belief that you shouldn’t be judged on what you do or what you wish to achieve by your gender, and is one of the most important things that we need in society.”

Fancy Foods, 2014 (Body Shaming project)
Untitled 1, 2015
(Connecting and Intersecting project)
Tags with Hair, 2014
(Body Shaming project)
250 Word Essay

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