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Everyday Brands

Why do wars take place? To make things disappear.
Eduardo De Filippo

In an economic system, as we know, everything is destined to increase or “disappear” — especially in times of “crisis” or war — and then turning, as if by magic, into a luxury item, starting with gas and petrol.

Passionate about big brands since always, Céline Mahiquess is inspired by recovering objects of the everyday life, trays, spray cans, helmets, jerry cans, skateboard, world maps… that she sublimates with stencil and resin.

She also creates real sculptures in her workshop nestled in the heart of the Yvelines, such as resin bags, love apples, figurines, children’s games, pastries. Her works are all unique and handmade.

Jerricane Supreme, 2020
Extincteur Dior, 2020
Baril Chanel, 2020
Extincteur Lego Louis Vuitton, 2020
Jerricane Louis Vuitton, 2020

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