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Media War

Once Upon a Time – Patrick Gathara

In the midst of a delicate issue, which would require impartial and well-detailed historical-cultural frameworks, once again, mainstream media show how they are the real stirrers of souls, and spreaders of panic and childish competition. Now used to participating in every event from behind a screen, no one seems to realize the extent of their own actions — “their own” way of thinking — brought back to reality. And here everything detaching from the narrative held by the majority, becomes “whataboutism” or “propaganda”, and words like “peace” real bombs with an immediate impact. Among all the crises we hear about, perhaps one that is invisible as much as unprecedented stands out: the existential one.

In a historical period in which the credibility of the journalistic category is definitively running out, cartoonists and very few other voices are the ones who throw flashes of light on the importance of the point of view. For all the others, despite the paradoxes and disconcerting contradictions, it would seem that all that would count is that the show — of interests and hypocrisy — must go on, beyond any kind of consequence, and to the sound of slogans that have now become worn out and devoid of any meaning.

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