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His cartoonist career began to the sound of his religion teacher saying that cartoonists are very dangerous because they can create whatever erotic images they want. “Perfect!”. Later, he studied graphic design, believing that it would be a more profitable, or more respectable, career than Art. That was his first big mistake as an adult. “While I was in my second year I started working in a small publishing house and lost my artistic virginity: I met money. And I liked it.”

Born in Chile, in 1976, Marcelo Pérez Dalannays, aka Perezfecto, one day discovered that he could make a living from drawing, and so he spent 20 years working for hire, as a freelancer. “I made good money, but I also had unpleasant experiences: delinquent clients, abuse of my copyrights, boring projects and ‘droughts’ when the advertising and publishing business collapsed.”

Single Friend (Goes to weddings and social events with you! Knows how to dance! Can hold a conversation! Doesn’t cancel plans at the last minute!)

In 2014, Marcelo opened an Instagram account as a hobby. He published everything, until he found a characteristic style inspired by people like René Gruau, Harvey Kurtzman, Robert McGinnis, Mike Ludlow, Bill Ward, or Roy Lichtenstein. Two years later, his followers exceeded 80k. By 2017, what was a simple hobby became a very serious thing when a good part of his old clients disappeared as a result of the economic crisis.

“Desperate, I used my last card: selling drawings on demand to my followers on Insta. Today — two years, almost 500 commissions, +250k followers and several thousand dollars later —, I can safely say that it is possible to live from art and work in slippers.”

Make Sense, Not Love
“I guess they teach us the fear of death because the idea of ‘eternal rest’ is just too tempting.”, “And have you noticed that all skulls seem to be smiling? Somebody’s hiding the truth from us.”
“Ok, enough. Time to go to work.”, “Just where do you think you’re going?”
Commissioned by Álvaro Herrero (Spain)
Commissioned by Laura López (Spain)
“Finally, spring is here!”, “I like fall better.”, “You cheater! Because your suit looks better as it falls apart, right?”
“Are you gonna take the mask off some day?”, “When you take off yours.”
“Dear, I thought we were going to drown our sorrows but I don’t see any alcohol around here.”, “Oh come on, darling! What do you think I’m swimming in?”
“I’m not being cheap, dear. I’m just eco-friendly.”
Love Cures / Bitterness
Ready for the dive

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