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Rounded with a Sleep

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

William Shakespeare
from The Tempest

A roaring ocean, the eye of the universe, a comfort zone soaked in amniotic fluid… Everything in Kevin Adams’ art seems to convey a positive feeling of calm — before and after the storm — and rebirth. Of loneliness and belonging to something infinite, and that has always dominated our lives made on the same “stuff as dreams are made on”.

Kevin is a digital artist from South India, who sought out to create a ripple effect in anything related to design. He’s also an NFT Artist with several pieces sold at opensea and foundation. Kevin tends to create meaningful and creative images, flyers, posters and websites. He’s one of those who love basking in their imagination and still believe that Art is the most beautiful way to communicate to someone or, sometimes, to themselves.

The Surfer (Embrace and surf through any storm)
Eye of the Universe
Lifetime (Every “End” is a new “Beginning”)
A Magical Ride (Taking a journey in endless creativity)
The Abduction
MA (The most “Comfort Zone” in the world)

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