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Always believed that creativity and eroticism/sensuality/perversion somehow go hand in hand, especially if this relationship is stimulated by an anthropological-cultural input which often cannot be avoided due to a birth factor — authors like Chuck Palahniuk or Irvine Welsh come to mind. Clearly this is not an excuse and, as far as we are concerned, there is absolutely nothing to apologize for. Anything that may seem obscene to us has nothing to be forgiven when the ironic-artistic degree reaches fully acceptable levels.

As for 3palec, his art is just a “critical view of life and its extreme aspects”. One of his slogans is “All your politics is mockumentary”.

Obsessed Professional
Love at First Sight
Just Believe in Yourself
Quarantine in a Studio Apartment
Valentine’s Day
8 March
René Magritte, “The Son of Man”
Happy Birthday
Never Give Up
Connoisseurs (feat. Mona Lisa)
I Do Not Understand

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