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A giraffe, a crocodile and a sloth. They’re the main protagonists featured in the funny-tender stories by Japanese artist Keigo — together with other quirky characters like the apple and the moustachioed man.

A moral probably is “what world would it be if these characters became part of our everyday lives?”. Looking beyond, observing more closely, living every moment more slowly … Would it help us to live better?

“I’m an ordinary office worker who lives an ordinary life with my wife and daughter,” Keigo said. “I can’t make friends at all, but through social media, I have gained the support of many fans and finally I have been able to publish my own books. What I fear most in this world is my wife. Unless she says ‘Stop’ someday, I plan to keep going and keep drawing my funny pictures!”

Still Life
Apple Date
Souvenir Picture
Beach Surprise
The Solar System
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Scream
A Glass of Water
Toothpaste Boxing
Sandwich Love

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