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The Great Debate

Some like to place it under the roll, others prefer to put it over. But most of them simply don’t realize that installing toilet rolls seems to be a real science. Did you know that there are even schools of thought that believe that one way is better than the other? Still, there are some rules which remain unchanged…

According to recent studies, the best way to put a roll of toilet paper on a toilet paper dispenser is “over,” not “under” — on the back of the bar, with the paper hanging below, in order to hold the roll in one hand while unroll with the other, and to allow you to see the tearing point easily and reduce waste. But, above all, what’s so great about over? Because under can leave you and your guests vulnerable to bacteria lurking inside the toilet — and even more so in public restrooms. These germs can then spread throughout the place and make you sick. Under is the wrong way to hang toilet paper — it just increases the chance that food-poisoning bacteria will spread from the toilet to the rest of the world.

How you put the paper on can make a big difference in the bathroom’s level of cleanliness and healthiness. Toilets and toilet paper seems to have been destroyed due to this debate, friendships ruined, lives and careers ended. So try to be careful in choosing the right way, because a too creative one is sometimes what can makes you a real monster.

“Yes, No, You Monster” ways of installing toilet rolls
1891 patent illustrating Seth Wheeler’s “Wrapping or Toilet Paper Roll” invention
1891 patent illustrating two of Seth Wheeler’s most notable inventions: the toilet paper roll and the paper’s perforation. While toilet paper was officially invented in 14th-century China, Albany inventor Seth Wheeler was the first person to think of putting it on a roll
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