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Body Language

Prayer 13

Human body has its own language, through which it expresses joy and suffering — beyond any mythology, cosmology, or religio-physiological speculation. But it is also a language in itself, a book of flesh. You just have to read it in the proper way. Joyce Lee chose to explore the humanistic — and sometimes humorous — aspects of love and sexuality through the symbolism of the human body itself. And in these cases, a good deal of provocation is never an aspect so easy to avoid.

Native of Seoul Korea, Joyce majored in English literature & language at university. She worked for airlines for several years, before deciding to follow her true passion as an artist, and return to art school, earning her BFA degree at Seoul National University. By working with watercolors and pencils, she has previously done artwork for Playboy magazine, Numero magazine Berlin, The Learning Company, LG Corporation, and FIAT Motors, among others.

Time to Feel Lighter
Contact 4
Grow Up Baby 3 (from Venus at a Mirror, ca. 1615, by Peter Paul Rubens)
Genesis 3 (from The Fall of Man, Adam and Eve, 1504, by Albrecht Dürer)
Prayer 5
Beauty Inside 1.5 (feat. Matryoshka)
One Fine Night
One Fine Day
Under Your Skin
Decrease in Number (feat. The Creation of Adam)
Average Number of Seed in an Apple is 5
Look at You (feat. David and Venus)

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