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Intimate Lace

Innocence and sensuality. Sometimes it is not at all easy to live together with so much beauty. Dealing with it, without being somehow involved emotionally, passionately, to the point of being overwhelmed by it. All that remains is to recline to the call of the senses, to the elegance of the intricate lace shapes or flowers. To the nostalgia and the afternoon light, to the isolation and to the vats filled with amniotic fluid. Perhaps in an attempt to rediscover the more candid side of an intimate that, by dint of being exploited or censored, seems to have lost its purest meaning over time.

Through his photography, David Dubnitskiy, from Ukraine, tries to focus on the fantasies and desires of many people, often relying on an elegant see-through effect. “Among my works there are a lot of woman’s beauty and attractiveness in simple daily situations, comfortable, usual clothes and familiar locations. I think half-veiled, soft erotica, where woman’s beauty is accidentally peeped, is much more interesting and natural, than over exhibited erotica with artificial clothes and unnatural positions.”

“I think that these photos will not leave anyone indifferent. They will surely make you smile and make your heart skip a beat.”

Under the Tree
Lacy Shadow
Cup of Tea
Summer Fruits
Little Voyeur
Before the Fall
Afternoon Light
Lacy Shadow (2)
Red Laser
Renault 4

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