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Fluide Glacial

Rave Party (Fluide Glacial Nº 308)

Together with Marcel Gotlib, Édika is one of the main authors of the French humor magazine Fluide Glacial. Born in Heliopolis, Egypt, as Édouard Karali, he began his career as an illustrator for the advertising industry until 1976. He then contributed to the pocket publications of Éditions Vaillant — Pif Parade Aventure —, and made his first pages for Charlie Mensuel, in 1978. In the following year, he found Fluide Glacial as a stable home base for his strange and absurd humor, that shows influences of Mad Magazine and underground comix.

Recurring characters in Édika’s stories are the semi-autobiographical Bronsky Proko and the green human-like cat Clarke Gaybeul. Among the keywords that characterize his work are scatology, large breasts, La Fontaine fables, extended dialogs, improvisation and meta-references. Most of those episodes don’t have an ending.

Édouard has made some additional appearances in Pilote — 1980-1984 —, and in Psikopat — 1982-1984 —, the magazine edited by brother Paul Karali, aka Carali. One of the true masters of French humor, his work has been collected in over 35 books by Audie/Fluide Glacial since 1981. A number of his comic strips have been translated into several European languages such as English — Knockabout Comics — and Italian — Totem Comic.

Fluide Glacial Nº 83, 1983 (Cover by Édika)
Totem Nº 94, 1992 (Cover by Édika)
Totem Nº 110, 1993 (Cover by Édika)
Totem Nº 116, 1993 (Cover by Édika)
Fluide Glacial Nº 269, 1998
Fluide Glacial Nº 411, 2010 (Cover by Édika)
Fluide Glacial Nº 449, 2013 (Cover by Édika)
Fluide Glacial Nº 451, 2014
Fluide Glacial Nº Supermaxi, 2014 (Cover by Édika)
Fluide Glacial Nº 482, 2016
Fluide Glacial Nº 494, 2017
Fluide GlacialMexique

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