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Hot Exhibition

René Magritte – The Son of Man

What could be the effects of global warming inside an art museum? The Hot Exhibition 3D series by Alper Dostal, from Vienna, Austria, ironically shows the possible effects on famous iconic art masterpieces. An idea hiding a real concern about global warming and the strong need to protect our heritage, cultural and otherwise, from its effects.

In this case, the expense is for paintings. Works of art that inexorably melt before the eyes of museum visitors, which slowly melt under the effect of climate change that destroys milestones of modern art. The theme addressed by the author is used as a movement for reflection and awareness for the climate issue — which has gripped our planet for some time.

Edvard Munch – The Scream
Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night
Salvador Dalí – The Persistence of Memory

The one addressed becomes more and more a current and extremely worrying topic, and many artists are taking a position on the matter, using their creativity and their work to send a common message on the subject: global warming is indisputable and devastating for our planet and for us who inhabit it.

Once again it is art, with its ability to speak to hearts and consciences, that places us in front of our responsibilities. Global warming is looming more and more, and waiting for its effects without taking action to stop it, or at least counter it, is an offense to the artistic beauty — and not only that — that still surrounds us.

Piet Mondrian
Jacques-Louis David – Napoleon Crossing the Alps
David Alfaro Siqueiros – Self-Portrait

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