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It is no longer the stoic world it used to be. The wise one which drew experience from suffering, maybe in view of one of the most suffering hour of their lives. The last one that unites everyone — or at least it should do that. It is no longer a place that unites. A place that moves on profit cannot fail to terrify and divide. It is a mean place, made up of hatred and suspicion, of intolerance and loneliness. And any place evolving in this way needs nothing but medicine. No longer to cure, but to distract and confuse. To prevent and control.

Mostly known for his critical and humorous approaches to global concepts such as culture, media, economy, politics and nature, Selçuk Demirel is an international illustrator who regularly publishes his work as books. Born in 1954, in Artvin, Turkey, he published his first drawings while he was still in high school. In 1978, he moved to France to study Fine Arts, and started to be featured in publications such as Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Nouvel Observateur, Newsweek, and Fortune.

The Eye Has It
Tree of Life
Parade No. 33
In the Fragility of Life
Knowledge is Power
All Alone – Gallery of Human Brain International Cartoon (2016)
La mine d’or de l’e-santé
Poopy Field

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