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This Is Not a Photo

Pencil on paper finds in Paul Cadden a new magician capable of giving us a Hyperrealistic reality that is not only a representation of it on a new medium, but one that merges a believable, life-like appearance with emotional, social, cultural, and political themes.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Paul studied Animation and Illustration at James Watt College in Birmingham. He is renowned today for his incredibly intricate and highly accurate pencil drawings of urban landscapes featuring people. His artistic practice approaches portraiture in a holistic, “social” fashion, capturing not just individuals but the culture and feel of their place and time. Some of the titles of his works seem to pay homage to the poem in notes of a certain Nick Drake.

From the Morning
Day Is Done
Thoughts of Mary Jane
In Passing
Song for the Siren
Seascape 4
Place to Be
Nude Study
Wild and Wandering

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