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Koketit: The world is my canvas

Shira Barzilay is one of the examples of how minimalism is not only a stylistic evolution, but a real culmination of the most authentic expression of art and life — Pablo Picasso docet.

“When I was an illustrator,” she told Stir, “I did not consider my work as art pieces, rather mere illustrations. I did not feel that I had a clear voice to speak out of my mind. I was searching for it – and it gradually grew to be as I lived, experienced and matured in life and in digital art simultaneously. When I adapted a more minimalistic approach, these notions became very clear to me – because they were simplified and I could see them more clearly. I had eliminated the unnecessary details from the page and from my life and was able to focus on the main point. It was there all along but it was hidden under a lot of mannerisms.”

She Comes in Waves
Gate Keepers

The beginning of Shira’s creating exploration occurred at a very young age, in Israel. “As a child I would doodle and sketch everywhere and was very nurtured into exploring this side of me. My aunt is a painter and I would get inspired by visiting her studio. She taught me to love art and encouraged my talent.”

Using photographs of the sky, land, and sea, today Shira — aka Koketit — seems to personify Earth — both natural and manmade — with her character illustrations. Based in Tel Aviv, her unique and captivating style of drawing and mixed media art has brought her to the attention of some of the world’s leading brands like Cartier, Elizabeth Arden, Harper’s Bazaar and Zara. For the rest, as she herself likes to point out, she’s just “adding my art to photos that inspire me”.

Headlights On
Why Don’t You Love Me?
Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors
Stars Shining Right Above You
The More You Grow the Smaller Everything Else Seems
Body Lines
The Climb is Tough But the View is Worth It
Turn Around Baby
God is a Feminist
Body Lines
Big Butts, I Cannot Lie
My Body My Choice
Surf the Earth
Can We Get Some Privacy?
Holiday Sketches
Heat Wave
Harper’s Bazaar
What is Art?
In the Studio

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