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Relationships are without doubt at the center of Giulia Rosa’s work. She, a quiet and somewhat introverted child who spent most of her time drawing, certainly had the opportunity to carefully observe those dynamics that move our lives and moods. Especially love. “Almost all of my drawings,” she told Osso Magazine, “arise from wanting to analyze love. From wanting to dissect, explain, understand, devastate, shatter, recompose it. Love is the only feeling that everyone can understand, especially the one not reciprocated. On the other hand, almost all problems arise from one person who says “I love you”, and another who answers “I don’t.”

Born in 1992, in Brescia, Italy, Giulia is another of those existences, at the mercy of the most emotional pulses, that art seems to have pulled back from the brink. When she started publishing her illustrations, she was “very depressed, anorexic, rejected, anxious, well … I had several monsters to bring out, analyze and draw. In general, my most successful illustrations are the ones I created while I was emotionally ill, precisely because they were really felt. And I think that when you tell the truth, in one way or another, you can break through the fourth wall and get straight and raw to those who are watching it.”

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Page Not Found
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Merry Christmas

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