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I Wanted Magic / Volevo Magia

Autumn comes this year with a magic, Verdena’s latest album, Volevo Magia / I Wanted Magic.
Over those years they released their first three records, — not without a certain feeling of anger mixed with frustration — I always considered the Italian band a fire that lacked the final spark, that extra moment to explode. Then, a quiet afternoon of 2007, Caños, a video clip of a single from their fourth Requiem album, is on QOOB TV. And here we are. I will suddenly realize that from over half of that album, to the dawn of a morning of 2022 — in which I open their video / “non-video” and see them resurface from the glare of a seven-year absence / dream —, those three guys will be one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened to some people in life, and not just musically.

Two brothers and a fan who attends their very first live performances in some village tavern. A love story between the girl with colorful hair and the singer with a sweet and cursed gaze “from the gods” of intuition. A henhouse as a recording studio, a children’s fairy tale while it’s snowing outside. The influences of grunge. Lucio Battisti and The Beatles …

Verdena: Wow LP & Caños EP
Still from Contro la Ragione videoclip
Still from Colle Immane videoclip

The release of this new album, together with the tour dates, were announced out of the blue, as in their style, just three months earlier — in January, America Latina, music inspired by the D’Innocenzo brothers’ film was released. And, inevitably, my memory flies to the day when, by listening to just a few moments of notes put on in a record store, I discovered that they had released Wow, one of the best things I have ever heard / felt in my entire life span — or perhaps my entire life span all of a sudden enclosed in moments of notes. Those few divine seconds had forcefully put me in front of a real miracle. Although then, to experience it more intimately, in my places, I would have had to wait two weeks, since in the meantime the album was sold out in a few days.

Verdena always arrive with a few imperceptible words at the heart of each beat, in the maze of an emotion, in the same way and in an always different way. There is nothing explainable in a band viscerally loved by a narrow tribe of their own that recognizes an immeasurable talent while clearly dividing into two factions, those of the first three / four albums versus those of the last two / three albums — two of these are double albums. And who knows that the magic invoked in their seventh work, in a time marked by hatred and division, is not to finally unite everyone in a single accomplice vision.

About the title of the album, the singer Alberto Ferrari told Rockol: “It’s like when you hope so much in something, but that something doesn’t happen. And you go on anyway …”

Still from Chaise Longue videoclip

Italian Version

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