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Javirroyo: I Write with Drawings

When you have something to say about everything that goes around you, and mother nature has also gifted you with an artistic talent, capacity of synthesis and a brilliant sense of humor, well, at that point, you can’t back out anymore. You just have to tell, you just have to write. This must be pretty much what happened to Javirroyo too, when for the first time he felt the need to “write with drawings”. A sort of torment, or maybe not. There are those who take that “to be or not to be” with great serenity, because basically being able to get rid of certain throes, through art, instead of striving in vain to leave them behind, in the daily grind, sometimes can prove to be a real fortune.

Artist and illustrator from Barcelona, Spain, Javirroyo is Founder and Creative Director of Chispum Studio — for which he created the decorative vinyl brand. His designs and illustrations are distributed in Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia and Latin America. He has illustrated for publications such as Interviú — illustrating Juanjo Millás — and El País, among others.

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