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Gurner Raver Action Figure

He became famous in 2014, after appearing in a promo video for a nightclub in which he appeared to be having a fantastic time of it. His name is Shaun Jackson, and now he is a real “Rave Icon” thanks to the limited run by Justin Turner and Joe from Joe Shark Sandwich Toys who found they share “similar ideas”… “I was successful,” Justin said in a statement, “and after a chat with Shaun, Joe was bang on it. And within 3 weeks, we have an action figure!”

The toy company is also launching a limited edition version of their beloved miniature gurner, which will first appear on the market at their Raindance Just-In Time Winter series Rave at Fetch, Norwich on 2nd December. The man himself will also be hitting up the event to sign fans’ action figures at the rave event, which is taking place in an underground basement-style club. The Gurner costs £35, posted within UK, and you can get one by unboxing Joe on his Fb page.

A good idea in a time when, a country like Italy for instance, is going to crack down on unauthorised rave parties by introducing stiff fines and lengthy jail terms.


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