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I Am Pipo

Apparently, the purpose of Giuseppe Palmisano, Italian photographer with a past as a theatrical and clown, is to deprive the naked body of its intrinsic eroticism. In fact, here the result would seem to give a new perspective to the female forms which, despite being somewhat humiliated, irrevocably retain their erotic side, even as simple objects.

“It’s a condition,” Giuseppe told Vice. “Who has never been supported as a waiting thing, or left as a thing among things to sink and want to disappear? I’m more concerned with the object woman than with the woman-object, I’d like to re-semantise this last term, to ensure that the woman has such freedom of herself and her body that it can even become a lampshade, or the floor of a church that becomes a sea of bodies.”

Locked Doors
Vuoto #2

Giuseppe has always been fascinated by symbols, different aesthetics, and scenography. His work mainly aims to investigate the relationship between the human figure and the surrounding space and objects. He studied performative arts, and in 2012 he started a new photographic exploration based on the image of the woman.

In 2015 he published his first book which features original images and poetry. In 2016 he created Giuseppe Palmisano Studio, which includes every side-collaboration. Among his works, the performances called VuotoEmptiness, 2017 — and Vuoto #2 of the following year.

Making Vuoto
In the Kitchen
Elegant Room
Abat-jour (feat. Valentina Nappi)
C ouch
C ouch 2
Yellhow (feat. Cat)
Any Given Christmas

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