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Devil of a Granny

Finally, a few grannies out of certain patterns that want them as devoted to God forever and ever, Amen. In one of the most bigoted times ever, despite the churches continuing to empty of faithful, here are some cheerful old ladies who choose one of the most controversial angels in the history of religions as the theme for their knitting. That devil that still today everyone seems to openly declares to condemn, only to then secretly follow his dictates through not exactly blessed thoughts and lifestyles.

But grandmothers, as we know, always have an extra gear, at least regarding experience or wisdom. And then, a bit like children, they can finally afford to leave behind all the formalisms and hypocrisies of the adult world, and venerate or knit that whichever suits them best. After Susanne Hæstad’s project, the diabolical AI is once again involving the elderly, this time at the hands of photographer Michael Hodges.

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