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I Am Sorry

Human degeneration is at a new all-time high, this time at the expense of a two months pregnant elephant who died after eating a pineapple containing firecrackers, in Kerala, India. The 15-year-old animal apparently strayed into a village near the Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad district last week and ate the pineapple. In a Facebook post, forest official Mohan Krishnan said the firecrackers exploded in the animal’s mouth and the elephant walked for days in pain before dying on 27 May, standing in a river. He wrote that the animal “didn’t harm a single human being even when she ran in searing pain in the streets of the village”.

“When I saw her, she was standing in the river without making any noise. She was possibly getting some relief from immersing her trunk and mouth into the water,” Mr Krishnan told the BBC.

A senior local forest official said the elephant stood in water for four days even as wildlife workers and vets tried to save her. “We tried our best to save the lives of both the mother and the child, but we failed,” KK Sunil Kumar told the BBC. Many artists paid a tribute to this sad story.

She Believed Humans – Sunil Kaushik
I Am Sorry – Karan Acharya
The Last Conversation – Satish Acharya
Pineapple – Dipankar Talukdar
Maa…??? – Funchershop
Pain – Prathama
The Last Conversation – Way2News
We Believed You. You Betrayed Us – Aveek Ray
I Am Sorry – Uday Mohite
4 Days – Photo: Mohan Krishnan

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